On December 21, 1949 Moravia Fire Department History 70 years ago the Village of Moravia took delivery of “Bertha” 1949 American LaFrance Type 945 Quadruple Service Truck with a 500 gallon per minute pump with 150 gallon booster tank and hose body. Came with a V-12 gas motor which was re-powered later in 1972 with a 6V53 Detroit Diesel. This truck cost $20,000 and was ordered July 23rd 1949. Originally ordered Red, then repainted to “Slime Lime” to match the rest of our fleet then restored back to original color in 2008. Tomorrow night we will be going around the village with Santa on top with all of her Christmas lights shining and Christmas music playing. Be sure to wish her a Happy 70th Birthday as she goes by.