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Line Officers for 2022

The Moravia Fire Department responded to 398 calls for 2021.
Below are the line officers for 2022
Car 1 – Chief Jason Withers
Car 2 – Deputy Chief Adam Galt
Car 3 – 1st Asst. Chief Kyle O’Connell
Car 4 – 2nd Asst. Chief Jay Wilson
Truck Captain – Dan Steger
Station Captain – Doug Whittaker
Business Officers
President – Mike Copley
Vice President – David Wade
Secretary – Jennifer Galt
Treasurer – Rocky Mulvaney
Board of Directors
Kevin Genson
Greg Genson
Day Jones
Tim Dickenson
Bryan Wykoff
TJ Johnson
Doug Whittaker
Fire Commissioners
Brian Hilliard
Pete Amos
Mike Coolbaugh
Dan Gibson
Doug Whittaker
Secretary – Nancy Niswender
Treasurer – Audrey Ryerson
This year there is two very important officers going out that we would like to recognize.
President Ed Shea, he was our President from 2009-2021.
Chief Bill Andersen who has led us from 2015-2021 as Chief and served as 2nd Assistant Chief for 2012 then moved up to Deputy Chief for 2013-2014.
The Moravia Fire Department would like to thank Bill & Ed for your countless hours of Blood, Sweat, & Tears put into this great department on scene and behind the scenes.